May 25, 2016

MAC Pro Palette (Large): Depotting Too Faced, Anastasia, Laura Mercier, Japonesque

After realizing that I pretty much only wore matte eyeshadows with the occasional nude shimmer on the lid, I sold my LORAC Unzipped palette (though I miss the burgundy shade) and was left with my Too Faced Natural Matte palette. I looked for a new palette, but none appealed to me; I began looking at MAC pro singles since they lowered the price to $6 (and plus they offer free shipping on their site).

I wanted my eyeshadows to be in the same palette, and, not gonna lie, I chose the MAC palette since it's the most aesthetically pleasing of large empty palettes while remaining affordable (only $8). The only issue with MAC palettes is that they are lined with a metal plate on the bottom instead of a magnet, so I had to buy magnetic tape to stick on non-MAC pans (neodymium magnets work well too if the pans are the correct metal for magnetization). The Coastal Scents palette has a mirror which is nice, but it looks kinda cheap and not something that I would want to reach for.

I went ahead and got the large size of the MAC palette because I kinda just wanted to depot everything and consolidate my products for traveling along with maximizing general efficiency in doing my makeup (now I don't have to open a ton of compacts). 

In researching palettes and depotting methods (and procrastinating on studying for my last final............), I had a hard time finding reliable information (or any information at all), so hopefully this post helps someone out there. 

1 Too Faced Natural Matte - 2 MAC Grain - 3 Smashbox Photo Op Trio deluxe sample (Filter) - 4 Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (Medium Brown) - 5 Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder deluxe sample (Highlight 01) - 6 Japonesque Velvet Touch Finishing Powder - 7 MAC Blushbaby - 8 NARS Amour

Outer dimensions (including hinge): 4.5" × 7" × 5/8" (11.4 × 17.8 × 1.6 cm)
Inner dimensions: 4" 
× 6 11/16" × 3/8" (10.2 × 17 × 1 cm)

(sorry that I don't have pictures to better explain the depotting process; I didn't think I would be blogging about this)

TOO FACED NATURAL MATTE: I found this video on how to depot Too Faced palettes that come in the tins. Kind of a shitty video, but I pretty much did the same thing except I used a tweezer as a crowbar. That's all I had on hand since I was at my dorm, and I'd recommend using a butter knife or something long since the tray that the eyeshadows are in is adhered to the tin with double sided tape. After I removed the tray, I pryed the pans out using an X-Acto knife since I didn't have a lighter, candle, or flat iron. Would not recommend prying since the pans will crack. Use the typical heating method instead to safely and easily remove the pans (I didn't think to use my clothing iron until later). There's also two magnets in the front of the tin that you can use to magnetize pans to the MAC palette (that's what I did for the NARS blush).

SMASHBOX PHOTO OP TRIO: I followed makeupbytiffanyd's video to depot this. The glue is soft enough and the pans are small enough for this to work easily.

ANASTASIA BROW POWDER DUO: This was fairly difficult to depot since the tray that the pan is in doesn't come off easily like they do in the MAC singles (there's plenty of tutorials on how to depot MAC compacts; the same concept of wedging something between the space of the tray and the compact applies here). I just had be patient and heat the compact. After that the tray was removable, but then it took awhile to remove the pan since it's adhered with a stronger glue. 

LAURA MERCIER HIGHLIGHT: Usual heating method. I was able to push down on the plastic around the product to get to the bottom of the terracotta pan and remove it. The pan was adhered to the compact with this white adhesive (looks like silicone rubber sealant) that easily came off of the terracotta after it was heated. I had to hot glue the magnetic tape onto this one since the adhesive was weak.

JAPONESQUE POWDER: The pan is in a really thin and flimsy plastic tray that is easy to cut through. The tray is stuck to the compact with double sided tape so it was difficult to remove without cracking the large powder a little bit. You kinda just have to pry the tray out. Once it's out, you can cut off the edges of the tray to easily remove the bottom part of the tray, which is adhered with the same silicone rubber sealant. I just picked off the sealant with tweezers as much as I could, then removed the residue with rubbing alcohol.

NARS BLUSH: I tried using the floss method with this (though using ribbon); it did not work well since the pan is bigger (more glue to work through). Heat works way easier, although you'll damage the compact. I ended up cracking the blush pretty badly, and the whole thing shattered since I dropped my entire MAC palette (don't put you palette on the edge of your desk...). That's why it looks kind of weird; I fixed it with the usual rubbing alcohol method, and it still works fine and looks the same as before.

For all of these pans, I used rubbing alcohol to remove the glue. I bought a roll of magnetic tape at Walmart for about $4, and it magnetizes well to the MAC palette as long as you use a piece that covers most of the pan.

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SONG OF THE POST: Vundabar - Chop

I can't embed the music video, but you must watch it—the dancing... oh god the dancing. I love Vundabar; they seem like a fun group of guys who just really love playing shows. I don't know how they're not bigger because their sound is pretty appealing to pop rock. The only issue I have with them is that they kinda overuse fillers (like "ooh ooh ooh" or "nah nah nah" and whatnot), but their songs are undeniably catchy and easy to listen to.

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