February 01, 2014

Zoya Brigitte | Review + Swatches

how to hand model???

Oh my dang is this polish gorgeous. I got this Zoya polish along with two others during their "get 3 polishes free but pay $12 for shipping" promotion. So really, I got each for $4 (but if I bought enough stuff to get free shipping, these would have technically been free). I bought the colors, 2 of which are part of the 2014 Naturel Collection, based on a color scheme I've been inspired by for over a year by this series of photographs of icebergs in Greenland by Jan Erik Waider. I'm really digging this color, and it's just as versatile as gray, like Essie's Sew Psyched which I wore non-stop till I got I my Zoya polishes, but not as edgy.

This was my first time trying Zoya since I never see it in-store (although they're apparently sold in-store at Ulta?), and I'm pretty impressed. Read on for a detailed review or skip to the bottom for a list of pros and cons.

Packaging: There is the standard 15 mL of product which retails for $9, so it's kinda pricier, which is why I bought it during the sale. I've never seen Zoya polishes in the beauty supply stores my mom goes to (she owns a nail salon), so I can't really get these polishes on a discount whenever. The bottle is the typical glass with a plastic top, although the plastic feels a little cheap. Nothing really significant or stellar about the packaging.

The brush is the standard brush: not narrow, not wide, not flat.

natural light

Color/finish: Indoors, Brigitte looks like a neutral dusty pink with some purple, so a mauve basically. But in sunlight or more direct light, it looks like a warm muted pink. It is so pretty and very French-romantic. It has absolutely no shimmer and it's a crelly finish (opaque cream but with a translucent, glaze-like quality). The combination of the elegant color and unique finish makes it just so perfect. I have been looking for this color for a while. 


Application/consistency: The first time I used this, it was very thin as most polishes are fresh out of the bottle. But after that, it became the ideal consistency (not too thin, not too thick) that allows opacity in 2 coats. Brigitte applies very nicely, no streaks after the second coat and no pooling. It also dries fairly quickly after each coat since it's not grossly thick.

Brigitte (top half color, only 1 coat) looks really nice paired with Zoya Rue

Longevity: I always use the Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat and OPI Top Coat, so keep that in mind (polishes just don't last without a top coat). After 1 day, I noticed minor wear on the tips. It stayed like that for 5 days until I noticed major wear, only on my dominant right hand where my nails are longer (orchestra obligations, gotta keep those left nails short). But no chips, just that gradual erosion. After a week, my nails started getting a bit long and the wear on the tips was starting to bother me so I filed down my nails and added another layer of top coat since they were looking a little dull. Well, that led to my nails chipping in 2 places the next day (a total of a week of wear). I'm sure they wouldn't have chipped if I just left them alone. 

The polish also stays on the nails very well, as in, it doesn't peel off the nail and it definitely requires nail polish remover. It's easy to remove though and it doesn't stain or create a mess. 

I change my nail color weekly anyway since I have to shape them and trim them, so the longevity is great.

  • Long wearing
  • Opaque in 2 coats
  • Ideal consistency (not too thin, not too thick)
  • Good brush
  • Color goes with everything while not being boring/nude
  • Easy to remove (w/ nail polish remover)

  • none really other than personal accessibility to Zoya 

Available at Zoya's website. To find a Zoya carrier near you, you can use their store locator. Apparently these aren't anywhere around me :(

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the two toned polish look :) x