November 08, 2013

Real Techniques, LORAC, Jane, Pür Minerals, Cargo, and theBalm Now In-Stores at Kohl's! | Sightings

I went to Kohl's again and all the new makeup brands (Real Techniques, Lorac, Jane, Pür Minerals, Cargo, theBalm) were stocked and set-up! So excited! To see if your Kohl's has these new brands, you can search on Kohl's website if your store has an item in stock. And if you don't have a Kohl's nearby, you can order the stuff online, because they have some exclusive items.

Real Techniques

I was conflicted between the Pro Palette and the Unzipped Pallete, but after swatching them, Unzipped is what I want now! The shadows are more tightly packed so there isn't chunkiness/fallout and the shadows are larger, plus I like all of the colors. ~woo~ There were also a bunch of the "Red Hot" holiday items.

This was a surprise; I heard Jane was coming to Ulta but I
guess it came to my Kohl's instead (my Kohl's and Ulta
 aren't too far apart though, and my Ulta probably has
 no room for Jane)

Pür Minerals


After swatching Mary Lou-Manizer, I was impressed. Definitely putting the Mary/Betty-Lou Manizer duo on my wishlist ($29, what a steal considering that one -manizer is $24). I also saw the Balm Voyage palette.

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