November 23, 2013

Essie Sew Psyched | Review + Swatches

Sew Psyched retails for $8.50 and it's the color I've been wearing for several weeks straight because gray is the superior neutral color, obviously. I'm just obsessed with gray nails, ok. That's it. 

Not really, read on for a review.

natural light

Shade/Finish: Sew Psyched is a mid-tone gray with a very faint sage green base (leaning towards warm-tone, but majorly neutral). In various lighting, it looks like a cool-toned gray. It has an opaque cream finish, but in direct light, there is a hard-to-detect micro-shimmer.

micro-shimmer visible with flash
(cuticle area on thumb was deliberately removed...)

Application: This polish dries quickly in between coats. When I'm done with one coat on one hand, the other hand is already dry, so that's really convenient. Drying time does increase as more coats are added, but this polish doesn't need more than 3 coats to reach full opacity. It typically only takes 2 coats for me, but sometimes there is mild streaking that requires a 3rd coats. Sew Psyched applies evenly (it doesn't pool up at the ends or cuticle like some of their other polishes do). The brush is good. It's about half the width of OPI's brush. I prefer OPI's brush since it quickly coats the nail, but Essie's isn't bad. 

Essie vs. OPI

I also like to pair this color with OPI's Suzi Takes the Wheel, in a half-nail, French-tip-esque fashion (OPI on the bottom half of the nail, Essie on the top half).

Longevity: I always use the Orly Rubberized Base Coat and OPI Top Coat when I do my nails, so keep that in mind. Sew Psyched has impressive staying power. It doesn't show major signs of wear until about over a week. It gradually wears off from the very tip and then it majorly chips, especially at the outer corners of the tips. I usually start picking and peeling the polish off my fingernails when I get stressed or annoyed (when I'm in school ha ha ha), and it's really hard to remove this polish that way without totally shredding my the surface of my nail. The weak spots are usually at the nail bed. It's easy to remove with nail polish remover though. Essie polishes usually last me a little less than 2 years until they become unbearably thick.

I've been wearing this shade often just because it's the only usable neutral nail polish I have right now (and gray polish is a staple for me), but it is a great gray that's long lasting. 

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