September 12, 2013

NYX Bohemian Chic Palette | Review + Swatches

I had been eyeing Nyx's Bohemian Chic palette for quite a while because it's exclusively matte with a ton of neutral eyeshadows (!!!) and peachy-coral blushes, so when the Labor Day weekend sale sprang up before my birthday, I ordered it among other goodies (which I will eventually review).

I got this for $12.60 since it was 30% off (originally $18) so it's definitely a steal. I'm so happy with palette, ahhh. Anyway, read on for my review or skip to the bottom for pros and cons.

Packaging: This palette is a durable double-tiered plastic structure with a large mirror. It also includes 2 double-ended sponge applicators. In comparison to my 4th generation iPod Touch, the palette is a bit larger (13 cm x 7 cm (5 in x 2.5 in)), so it's quite travel friendly. However, it is 2.5 cm (1 in) thick and the bottom tier easily comes out with minimal effort. If this is in a spacey bag, it might pop open so securing it with a hair tie or rubberband will secure it better. 

Top-tier: There are 18 neutral eyeshadows in the top tier, in cool and warm tones, that are the width of a dime's diameter. 

These appear to have a matte finish, but in artificial lighting, you can see hints of sparkle, so I consider these demi-matte. On the lid, the sparkle is not even noticeable. With any eyeshadow, primer is recommended. I recommend primer with these to intensify the colors. These shadows also have a tendency to fade throughout the day. Even though these are soft and smooth to the touch, it's a little difficult to blend these shadows, but they are not chalky and do not have a lot of fallout. These shades are very daytime friendly. I love using the center oranges to warm up my eye and it contrasts nicely with the unsaturated, grayish-navy-blue (above the burnt orange).

Bottom-tier: In the bottom tier are 2 blushes and 6 eyeshadows inspired by the earthy tones of Bohemian culture.

The blushes are a warm midtone pink and a light pinky apricot with a matte finish. They perform like the regular NYX blushes -- vivid color payoff, a little hard to blend, a little fallout. These colors epitomize summer, and if you mix them together, you get a pretty peachy shade. 

The eyeshadows in the bottom tier share the same aspects as the ones in the top tier (although different in shape, they appear to contain the same amount of eyeshadow). What bothers me is that NYX included 3 blue hues that aren't that significantly different on the eye. However, these colors do give a new level of versatility in this palette. They allow you to create smokey eyes with a pop of color, especially since there is a dark charcoal shade. Or you can use the colors as liners. They define the bohemian aspect of this palette. 

swatches in artificial lighting, notice the hint of glitter and sheen
  • Travel-friendly
  • Durable packaging
  • Large mirror
  • Demi-matte finish
  • Includes both eyeshadows and blushes
  • Predominantly neutral with a selection of colors, varying in warm and cool tones
  • Versatile
  • Day-time and night-time appropriate
  • Good color payoff and weartime (with a primer)
  • Great value ($18)
  • Not truly matte, as NYX claims
  • Bottom tray can be insecure
  • Fades throughout the day (but that can also depend on what primer you're using)
  • Not the easiest to blend

Overall, I'm really satisfied with this palette and I recommend it to anyone looking for affordable matte neutral eyeshadows.

You can purchase this palette at NyxCherry Culture, or Amazon.

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